#Shamanism Enjoys Revival in Techno-Savvy South #Korea, Has been spreading in North since 90’s

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Despite the belief in the West that modern technology is incompatible with traditional religious and magical beliefs, the practice of shamanism has had a resurgence across both North and South Korea. A NY Times article describes:

Korean shamanism is rooted in ancient indigenous beliefs shared by many folk religions in northeast Asia. Most mudangs [shamans who have become possessed by a god] are women who say they discovered their ability to serve as a mediator between the human and spirit worlds after emerging from a critical illness. They believe that the air is thick with spirits, including those of dead relatives, a fox in the hills behind a village, an old tree or even a stove. These spirits interact with people and influence their fortunes.

  • In 21st-century Korea, shamanism is not only thriving — but evolving: Artist Jorge Mañes Rubio travels to Seoul, Korea, to learn about the city’s primarily female shamans and their vital role in contemporary urban life
  • South Korean shamans were recently enraged when President Park Geun Hye was impeached by the National Assembly on charges related to influence peddling by her top aide, ‘female Rasputin’ Choi Soon-sil
  • In North Korea, shamanism has been spreading since ’90s famine: Defector says
    lack of trust in regime results in surge in shamanism despite official legal prohibition
  • The UK Sun recently published  images of the mudangs executing ceremonies to console the dead and wish good fortune for the living.

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